A man is valued by his works, not his words!

Retrospective of My 2012

In our organization, we have a basic rule is: If you make retrospective for one specific sprint, you shall finish it in the sprint time slot. So it against our rule since I make 2012 retrospective in 2013, but later than never. I believe retrospective since I have ran agile for several years, I know it can benefit me.

My grandpa told my mother, and my mother told me that you have to look back and reflect on your life every night before you go to bed. It’s difficult for me, because I always tell story to my kid during that time, or do others, you know that… So I demand me shall make retrospective at least once annually.

How have things gone?

2012, some small changes in my job. I resigned my R&D manager job, and selected R&D coach job. Make this decision, it was based on my interesting, and strength(I think so). Some other reason is that I like to try some new rather than maintain old, I’d like do some challenge works. I selected be a technical person rather than politician in such R&D company. From this point, I think I kept a clear mind, but somethings I have to recognize is that I learn a lot from this management position. Understand what you want is more important than what you have been.

Later, in May, June, Our team and I held a clean code contest successfully, it got the supports from the heads, so it taught me that you have to align your idea with your boss, that you will make thing simple. And comming month, I sold my codemetrics idea, delivered some training and in the end of 2012, held the coderetreat global day of 2012 in Hangzhou City. Made such lots of activities in company internally, so the influence just only limited in our company, that’s a problem, personally think this shall be improved in 2013.

Another interesting works is have a taste on the translation works, in 2012, finish the Codermetrics: Analytics for Improving Software Teams to Chinese version translation. And finish personal owned embedded device development

Books I have read:

Books I’m reading:

What improvements are needed

A little fat, shall make a plan to resolve this problem. I shall learn some web technical in this web era, and be more active in open communities, learn more, and also shall seriously consider where I go. Maybe leave this country is a choice, even it’s not easy for a married man, but some friends made good example for this, so practice English communication skill is more important than before. I’ll continually post English blog here, translate English post to Chinese, and practice more. New year, hope can breathe fresh air, drink clear warter, and eat nontoxic food.