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Team Gathering Game

There is a team gathering game what I learned from Shanghai Scrum Gathering in 2011, there was one facilitator from Taiwan shared to us, and I always play it with my trainee and team members.

The rule of the game:

  • All members stand as matrix (row*coloumn), the lines like we did physical exercise in childhood, you can stretch your arm, but cannot touch another person who closes to you.
  • Facilitator asks all member close eyes, and from now on to the end, every attendee shall keep their eyes closed.
  • Facilitator asks every select a number in their heart, everyone keep one number, do not tell the number to any one now. (for example, if there are 100 attendees, facilitator can ask attendee select one number between 1 and 100).
  • Facilitator give an instruction: “please turn around, and stretch your hand, try to touch another person who closed to you”
  • Attendee share the number to another, and hand in hand, try to group more people, but shall be keep the number in order
  • Once all attendee are in an ordered group or time out, facilitator asks attendee open their eyes.

What we learn from this game:

  • There must be someone will stand out from chaos, and give some instruction to others
  • If there is no hand hold with you, you will be feel unsafe
  • The one tell you the order is clockwise or anticlockwise, but the final order is follow the basic small group, the team culture can be bred.
  • Every one has same goal
  • Small team will follow bigger team
  • Give team a clearly goal and rules, team can be self-organized

Definitely, this game is funny, if you like this, you can copy this way, and play it with your members.